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What Is Truality?

Truality is the global phenomenon that is inspiring individuals all over the world to be TRU…The Real U!

Truality is ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help others make their truths a reality. We are a motivational speaking group that infuses empowering messages with the creative arts, such as music, slam poetry, theatre and much more!


We are taking the traditional methods of motivational speaking and leading it into the next generation in a way that students can not only understand, but also relate!

Our Belief:

Everyone has a story
Everyone has a truth
We use ours to inspire the world

Our Goal:

To educate and empower every student in every state to be TRU… The Real U

Our Mission:

To inspire the world to believe in themselves and fulfill their TRU potential!

What programs does Truality offer?

Truality offers positive entertainment and insightful knowledge through the arts. We provide powerful performances through our speaking engagements, innovative workshops, seminars, conferences, our TRU CRU Tour, and even camp retreats!

  • Powerful Keynotes
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Full & ½ Day Seminars
  • 4 Day, 3 Night TRU Camp Retreats
  • Annual “We Are TRU” Conferences

Contact a TRU representative today to make your campus TRU!

What makes Truality different?

Not only are our TRU CRU Speakers fun and diverse, they are extremely relatable! All of our speakers uniquely infuse motivational speaking with the creative arts such as slam poetry, music, theatre and much more. Through our powerful presentations we are sharing inspiring TRU life stories in a way that, we guarantee, you have never seen or experienced before!

Who does TRU help?

TRU is not only here to inspire the world to be TRU… The Real U, but it’s also a place for anyone who wants to dedicate their lives to working for meaning to have an opportunity to do so.

We work to inspire students through our past experiences, and in the process, we end up cultivating strong leaders of society who are dedicating their careers to improving the lives of others. It is life changing for both you and us!

Our goal is to inspire each other and inspire the world. What career could be more fun and rewarding than that?!

What TRU topics does Truality specialize in?

All of our programs are rooted in promoting personal, social, and cultural awareness. While each individual speaker specializes in their own personal TRU life experiences, all of our speakers empower students to believe in themselves and build the confidence to fulfill their TRU potential.

Our most popular topics include:

Team Building
Overcoming Adversity
Teenage Pregnancy & Life Choices
Relationships & Self Love
Sustainable Living
Business Success
Female Empowerment
Personal Growth
Healthy Living
Peer Pressure
Immigration Issues
Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Why TRU?

With today’s current bullying, homicide, suicide, assault, incarceration, drop-out, teenage pregnancy, and death rates, we provide individuals with a place to share their experiences and connect with one another on a real, and lasting level.

No-matter our backgrounds, everyone who is a part of, or simply believes in TRU has one common thread that binds us all together as an unstoppable force of positive transformation: We all know what it’s like to feel alone, or misunderstood.

We do not claim to be the ultimate solution, but we know that together, we create a much needed TRU experience that is able to plant seeds of empowerment into the hearts of individuals everywhere for personal, social and cultural growth.

Together, with your help, we create a safe space for individuals to believe in themselves, fulfill their TRU potential, and to never again feel that they are alone or misunderstood!

Which schools are already a part of the TRU Movement?

There are many! Click here to see our Interactive Map.

What does being TRU really mean?

Being TRU is a way of life. It is the reflection you wake up to in the morning and the good intentions you fall asleep to at night. It is your pain, struggles, adversity, loneliness and your hope.

In a world full of tainted smiles, hidden masks, and untapped potential, there is hardly a place in the world for a person to feel completely comfortable being who they want to be. Being TRU is all about having the courage to be everything that you already are and fighting for the person deep inside that you know you ultimately want and deserve to be!

No-Matter how you interpret it, TRU is all about empowering you to be TRU…The Real U!

Why We Are TRU

The goal of this program is to develop leaders, both traditional and non-traditional, amongst the student populations. We hope to influence positive change in peer interactions and create a united effort to make your school a more inclusive and just community.

Many high school dropouts cite the lack of adult connection and relevant ‘real world’ learning as reasons for quitting school. By spending just one hour per week, you can substantially impact a young person’s future. This is where Truality comes into play, poetry and action as we shed light and the TRU…The Real U!

Why the Arts?

The arts are essential in education. They provide students with the means to think, feel, and understand the world around them in ways unique and distinct from other academic disciplines.

One of the most rewarding benefits of using the creative arts in education is it provides students with an outlet to communicate information, ideas, understanding, and emotions. Through our TRU arts, we aim to help inspire students to develop self-motivation and enhance self-esteem.

Why We Create Dialogue

It’s simple! Dialogue is the greatest tool we have for bringing people together!

Why We Intertwine Music

Who doesn’t love music? We believe that there’s something so powerful about musical expression that has the ability to bridge cultures and time. By understanding the contribution of music, students are better prepared to live and work in multicultural settings.

Why We Combine Theatre with Real Life Scenarios

Save the drama for TRU! Through out theatrical skits and role-playing, students develop a deeper understanding of personal issues and a broader worldview by using the dramatic process of creating, performing and analyzing. TRU Theatre provides for a student’s self-discovery, self-definition and self-esteem.

* These skills have been recognized as essential to lifelong success both in and out of school by a variety of education and civic leaders, including the National Association of State Boards of Education, the Education Commission of the States and the Arts Education Partnership.

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