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Inspire Us!

h Frankie Wilson h

h Shaun Gingerich h

Recently Truality has lost one of our original TRU CRU members, Frankie Wilson, our TRU Determination.

We wanted to dedicate this page to him, and to Shaun Gingerich, who are both the heartbeats behind our TRU Movement.

We also wanted to dedicate this space to all of the loved ones that you have lost in your life.

Stay strong, and stay TRU,

You are never alone. h

The more I learn the more I grow.
The more I see the more seeds of knowledge & empowerment I plant.
I am a voice for the circumstantially voiceless and a guiding light for the temporarily hopeless.
I am more than awareness, I am the instrument, I am the action,
I am the medium as well as the message.
No-matter if a person is from the suburbs, upper class, the streets or the hood,
I provide a positive place for the mis"placed", maltreated & misunderstood.
I am a dreamer, believer & sometimes in-betweener,
but above all...
I am TRU!
And together… WE ARE POSSIBLE!

TRU Connect is an open forum of advice, stories, and inspirations.

If you’ve ever overcome adversity this is a place for you to share your triumphant stories, your inspirations, and your advice on how you got through!

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