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Helping Build the TRU Movement

Whether you want to be a part of the TRU Movement and help us grow by spending your time, talent or donations, we would LOVE your support in any and every way that you are able!

Here Are Ways You Can Help

Share TRU!



Help us inspire the world!

There is no better feeling then the gift of giving that keeps giving!

With your donations, you will be able to give the gift of educating and empowering today’s youth in a way that lasts for generations to come!

Every little bit goes a long way to help inspire positive growth both inside and outside of the classrooms. Your donations will help fund all of our programs and create opportunities for more amazing individuals to be a part of this powerful, one of a kind, TRU Movement that is empowering students all over the world!

Click here to make a TRU donation today!


Share TRU Videos!

If Gangman style can get the attention of millions of people all over the world, then so can TRU, but it’s up to you! Help spread the TRU love and share our TRU videos with any and everyone you can!

Together we can create a TRU generation of TRU dreamers, believers and powerful leaders!

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Wear TRU!

Tap into your TRU fashionista!

Sport one of our original TRU T-shirts, & wristbands. You can even personalize them with your own TRU name on the back. Show the world what being TRU really looks like!

Take me to the TRU Store!

Start a Club!

TRU CRU Club on Campus!

One of the most practical, and influential, ways to continue the growth of the TRU Movement in your school is to organize a TRU CRU Club on campus.

These TRU CRU Clubs on campus allows you to continue the conversations and provide students with a safe space for positive self-growth and expression.

One of the best parts of having your very own TRU Club on campus is that you will have the opportunity to create your own form of positive and creative based performances that we, Truality, will invite to showcase at the events we have at your school! How awesome is that?! Your TRU Club will perform alongside our official TRU CRU!

Click here to connect with a TRU representative about building a TRU CRU Club on your campus today!


Come One Come ALL!

There are no limits to what the TRU movement can do with your help! Together we are changing the world- one student and one school at a time!

Volunteers will become a part of the infinite growth and expansion of the TRU Movement in any way that they are able to! All are welcome!

A fun way to volunteer is to bring your passion and talent to our awesome TRU CRU Teams. We have everything from Creative Teams, Audio & Visual Teams, Dance Teams, Merchandise Teams & Empowerment Teams!

Click here to become a TRU volunteer today!

Join Us!

Become an official part
of the TRU CRU!

Our goal is to have the TRU CRU in each city and in every state. We want to work together to create positive and lasting transformations in our lives, as well as in the lives of others. Together, we strive to make the impossible POSSIBLE!

Click here to become a part of the TRU CRU today!

Changing the world is no easy feat, but with your help we know that ALL is possible!

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