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In Loving Memory: Frankie Wilson, Our TRU Determination


Frankie Wilson, our TRU Determination was one of the most promising, talented and magnetic lights this world has ever seen. Not to mention, he was such an amazing father and probably one of the most gifted people we’ve all personally, ever known. From his music, to sports, to the way he could make you laugh until it hurt; he just had something about him that made you feel inspired.

Whenever you saw Frankie he was pounding on his chest and spitting lyrics and rhymes. Music was his dream and his passion, and as he once said, “making music is like breathing to me, music is my rock.” Everyday he flowed love and music out of his heart and soul.

Frankie wanted to make it big so that everyone he knew in life would not have to want for nothing. He wanted everyone to have what they wanted in life and never have to struggle. He would do anything for anyone, and as a pioneer of our TRU Movement, he would speak to youth and inspire them to overcome obstacles in their lives. He once wrote, “The feeling of educating and entertaining people is the best feeling in the world.
There is no such thing as a bad kid and I vow to do as much as I can to help the youth of today live good, honest lives.”

Frankie Wilson was a hero and a mentor who inspired everyone around him.

Anyone who knew and loved him could easily say that Frankie Wilson was one of the greatest and most inspirational people you could ever meet. From his family, and friends, to his kids and the love of his life; Frankie Wilson will forever be remembered as the man with the smile that could light up the room, the heart that loved the whole world, the raw talent that was limitless, the voice that could both move and soothe you, the passion that made him a lyrical genius, the determination that could inspire anyone, the dreams that made him unlike anybody else, and the man where “everything he touches turns to solid gold.”

Frankie Wilson…. forever our TRU Determination <3


  1. latondra

    Love you ro!! Miss you!! Hurry up and come back tho before I kick your ass!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

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