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Truality’s programs and learning outcomes are designed to provide students with tangible tools that are transferable to real life situations. They aim to help boost self-esteem, increase self-awareness, decrease bullying, develop student leaders both on and off campus, and to empower individuals to be TRU… The Real U!

Truality’s programs are perfect for any type of event on campus and for ALL students and grade levels (We even have programs & trainings for faculty members)!

Whether you are looking for an assembly, orientation, interactive workshop, or even an educational camp retreat, Truality is your place for education and empowerment!

Why the Arts?

The arts are essential in education. They provide students with the means to think, feel, and understand the world around them in ways unique and distinct from other academic disciplines.

One of the most rewarding benefits of using the creative arts in education is it provides students with an outlet to communicate information, ideas, understanding, and emotions. Through our TRU arts, we aim to help inspire students to develop self-motivation and enhance self-esteem.

Why We Create Dialogue

It’s simple! Dialogue is the greatest tool we have for bringing people together!

Why We Intertwine Music

Who doesn’t love music? We believe that there’s something so powerful about musical expression that has the ability to bridge cultures and time. By understanding the contribution of music, students are better prepared to live and work in multicultural settings.

Why We Combine Theatre with Real Life Scenarios

Save the drama for TRU! Through out theatrical skits and role-playing, students develop a deeper understanding of personal issues and a broader worldview by using the dramatic process of creating, performing and analyzing. TRU Theatre provides for a student’s self-discovery, self-definition and self-esteem.

* These skills have been recognized as essential to lifelong success both in and out of school by a variety of education and civic leaders, including the National Association of State Boards of Education, the Education Commission of the States and the Arts Education Partnership.

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