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Angel Avila

Angel Avila

Chief Financial Officer
The man who defied all odds and redefined hard work and achievement

The TRU Facts about Angel:

He used to be the president of a car club.

He grew up as an illegal immigrant.

He has a natural and humbling ability to lead and succeed.

sAngel's KEYNOTESs

45-70 min

Success No Matter What!

*Success *Empowerment * Leadership

If you’re looking for a program to motivate your students or staff to achieve extraordinary levels of success, then Angel Avila’s Success No Matter What is perfect for you! From his "confidence is key" strategies to his own triumphant story, he brings out the TRU potential in everyone!

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover ways to excel beyond obstacles.
  • Understand the importance of persistence, hard work and confidence when breaking through adversity and challenges.
  • Learn the benefits of confidence and a positive attitude.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

Border Hopper

*Immigration Issues *Diversity * Multiculturalism *Social Justice

Through his fun and energetic approach, Angel Avila chronicles his own pathway to success by offering students a grippingly personal perspective on one of the most challenging and divisive issues today: Immigration. In sharing his personal journey that thousands of immigrant children make each year, Angel not only explores the perils modern day immigrants face, but he provides students with the hope and inspiration to overcome any adverse situation they are facing, while still remaining TRU to who they are.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn the perfect recipe for successfully reaching their goals, despite their circumstances.
  • Students will gain insight and awareness into the divisive issues of immigration while being offered tools to effectively overcome adverse situations.
  • Students will be provided guidelines for fostering leadership within their personal lives and throughout their campus and communities.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

sAngel's Workshops & Team Buildings

TRU Teamwork

*Team Building *Communication *Strength Building *Teamwork

Through a series of inspirational stories and hands-on team building activities, TRU Teamwork will have your students and staff not only working for their own individual success, but for each other's as well.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build lasting and EFFECTIVE methods of communication.
  • Learn how to surround yourself with people who see your self confidence as a strength.
  • Develop strategies to effectively work together as a team.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, athletes, faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

Now What?

*Success *Motivation *Decision Making

Now What? is an empowering presentation that will not only help students and staff confront their future fears and expectations but, more importantly, the present moment that is going to get them exactly where they want to go! It will force them to leave out the What? and get going on the NOW!

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover ways to push beyond any boundaries getting in the way of your TRU potential.
  • Creating leaders in your classroom and throughout campus.
  • Build confidence to pursue your TRU passions.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

From Boys to Men

*Men's Issues & Empowerment *Leadership *Personal Growth *Character Development

This enlightening program with Truality’s diverse group of guys is a powerful opportunity for boys to have a real space to decide what kind of men they want to be. Centered around male issues and empowerment, this program will motivate participants to reflect their own identity, growth, and character, while banding together in a an unbreakable bond of TRU brotherhood.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn to develop a value system
  • Critically reflect and analyze their own worldviews and responsibilities as men
  • Gain confidence to fulfill their TRU potential

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages and guys all over the world!

What makes you TRU?

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