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Cisco Garcia

The courage that overcomes all obstacles

The TRU Facts about Cisco:

He does an impeccable impersonation of Ace Ventura.

He has seen a loved one die right before his eyes.

His courage to continue to overcome adversity epitomizes TRU strength.

sCisco's Workshops & Team Buildings

From Boys to Men

*Men's Issues & Empowerment *Leadership *Personal Growth *Character Development

This enlightening program with Truality’s diverse group of guys is a powerful opportunity for boys to have a real space to decide what kind of men they want to be. Centered around male issues and empowerment, this program will motivate participants to reflect their own identity, growth, and character, while banding together in a an unbreakable bond of TRU brotherhood.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn to develop a value system
  • Critically reflect and analyze their own worldviews and responsibilities as men
  • Gain confidence to fulfill their TRU potential

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages and guys all over the world!

Family Matters

*Family & Relationships*Depression *Overcoming Adversity *Substance Abuse*Coping Skills

Family Matters is a genuine presentation between a brother and sister that will take you on an unforgettable journey through their families own destruction and ultimate redemption. It is a story of loss and recovery, and it is the missing piece that will lead you to rediscover the strength and power within your family.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain skills to build authentic relationships that are centered around communication, boundaries and healthy choices.
  • Participants will develop tools to successfully enhance recovery and a relational family system.
  • Build bridges of communication and help participants close the gaps that have plagued their family system.

*This program is perfect for: Families, students of all ages, organization groups, parents, and juveniles.

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