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Cyrstin Goul

The passion that paints the world a brighter shade of love

The TRU Facts about Cyrstin:

Bet you didn’t know she was a hair stylist.

She has seen many loved ones suffer through abuse and addictions.

Her compassion and creative talents are truly remarkable.

sCyrstin's Workshops & Team Buildings

FLY…First Love Yourself

*Women’s Issues & Empowerment *Self-Esteem *Body Image

This powerful and inspirational program that is led by the phenomenal TRU women of Truality is designed specifically to address all issues pertaining to women and self-esteem. It is a perfect blend of self-reflection and effective empowerment strategies that focus on the most important relationship of all—the relationship we have with ourselves. Ultimately, it teaches participants to FLY…First Love Yourself!

Learning Outcomes

  • Build self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Discover ways to push beyond boundaries getting in the way of their TRU potential.
  • Learn to FLY…First Love Yourself!

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, and ladies all over the world!

TRUth—A TRU Anti-Bullying Movement

*Anti-Bullying * Character Development *Community Building

This anti-bullying program is specifically designed for elementary and middle school students. This energetic program covers issues regarding what bullying is (and isn't), conflict resolution, effective communication, as well as other important social skills and resilience-building exercises that are vital to positive peer relationships. It is jam-packed with fun activities, key learning points and positive group discussions.

Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate friendship and empathy skills
  • Students will receive instruction on civility and sensitivity toward others.
  • Students will be empowered to build their self-esteem and confidence through being TRU...The Real U!

*This program is perfect for: Elementary and middle school students.

What makes you TRU?

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