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Julia Garcia

Founder, CEO
The women who created a movement and proved that anything is possible

The TRU Facts about Julia:

Bet you didn’t know that she published a book and has a Master's degree.

She was in rehab before she turned 21.

She has an innate ability to inspire and uplift anyone around her.

sJulia's KEYNOTESs

45-70 min

The TRU Life

*Overcoming Adversity *Substance Abuse *Loss *Sexual Assault *Self-Esteem *Coping Skills

This unforgettable program has toured and connected with thousands of students all over the country! Through Julia Garcia’s enlightening and highly personal approach, she tackles nearly every issue that can get in the way of a student's success and self-esteem. Single-handedly, she challenges audiences to explore the truths about their pasts while inviting them to courageously pave their way to a more positive and just future!

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be given tools to increase their self-confidence, self-worth and self-awareness.
  • Courageously uncover and transform limiting beliefs that stand in the way of their TRU potential.
  • Discover how adverse situations can bring out an inner strength and power to ignite positive transformation in and around you.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, athletes, juveniles, as well as faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

A TRU Anti-Bullying Movement

*Anti-Bullying * Character Development *Community Building

This anti-bullying keynote takes students on a memorable and often times emotional journey towards becoming their best and most positive selves. This enlightening presentation covers issues regarding what bullying is (and isn't), conflict resolution, effective communication, as well as other important social skills and resilience-building exercises that are vital to positive peer relationships. It is jam-packed with fun activities, key learning points and powerful audience interaction.

Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate friendship and empathy skills
  • Students will receive instruction on civility and sensitivity toward others.
  • Students will be empowered to build their self-esteem and confidence through being TRU...The Real U!

*This program is perfect for: Students of all grade levels and can also be offered as a Workshop.

Made to Make A Difference

*Empowerment *Social Entrepreneurship *Leadership

As the Founder and CEO of our powerful TRU Movement, Julia Garcia knows just what it takes to fulfill your TRU potential despite your circumstances. Julia teaches audiences how to use their story and truth to inspire the world: Because we are all Made to Make A Difference. This presentation is perfect for any school or organization that has a desire to build positive leaders and wants to learn more about how to be a part of the mighty and meaningful TRU Movement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Creating unstoppable self-confidence
  • Discovering the most import determining factor to your TRU success
  • Developing tools to successfully reach your goals

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, as well as faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

TRU Diversity

*Diversity *Multiculturalism *Social Justice

Truality’s founding speakers, Monti Washington and Julia Garcia AKA “The loud black boy from the streets” and the “Sassy white girl from the suburbs”, show campuses that not everything is black and white. Their interactive keynote challenges stereotyped preconceptions while showing students how to use critical thinking to communicate effectively with people of varied backgrounds. This program is one of the most original and youthful diversity programs of our time!

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn skills transferable to real life scenarios that will enhance their social development, while preparing them for future career success in a diverse workforce.
  • Students will learn how to communicate effectively with peers and community members of varied backgrounds, increasing their ability to view issues from multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast their life experiences with others whose life experiences differ from their own, enhancing their self-awareness.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, as well as faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

sJulia's Workshops & Team Buildings

Education Backwards

*Faculty Training *Student/Teacher Relations * Classroom Dynamics *Team Building

Education Backwards requires stepping outside of our comfort zone and one step beyond. With the youthful perspective of former student Julia Garcia alongside the adult worldview of her former Teacher, Mike Sliwa, this collaborative presentation teaches a powerful model of learning from and listening to those you may not consider your equal in the work environment. Education Backwards will not only give you the necessary tools needed for your classroom but, most importantly, it will remind you of why you started teaching in the first place.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to build meaningful and lasting methods of communication with your student
  • Strengthen teaching and learning conversations and collaborations.
  • Articulate ideas and multiple viewpoints related to teamwork and collective efforts in creating a positive working environment.

*This program is perfect for: Faculty and staff members, as well as corporate audiences.

Fly…First Love Yourself

*Women’s Issues & Empowerment *Self-Esteem *Body Image

This powerful and inspirational program led by the phenomenal TRU women of Truality is designed specifically to address all issues pertaining to women and self-esteem. It is a perfect blend of self-reflection and effective empowerment strategies that focus on the most important relationship of all—the relationship we have with ourselves. Ultimately, it teaches participants to FLY…First Love Yourself!

Learning Outcomes

  • Build self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Discover ways to push beyond boundaries getting in the way of their TRU potential.
  • Learn to FLY…First Love Yourself!

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, and ladies all over the world!

TRU Teamwork

*Team Building *Communication *Strength Building *Teamwork

Through a series of inspirational stories and hands-on team building activities, TRU Teamwork will have your students and staff not only working for their own individual success, but for each other's as well.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build lasting and EFFECTIVE methods of communication.
  • Learn how to surround yourself with people who see your self-confidence as a strength.
  • Develop strategies to effectively work together as a team.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, athletes, faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.

Family Matters

*Family & Relationship *Depression *Substance Abuse *Coping Skills

Family Matters is a genuine presentation between a brother and sister that will take you on an unforgettable journey through their family's own destruction and ultimate redemption. It is a story of loss and recovery, and it is the missing piece that will lead you to rediscover the strength and power within your own family.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain skills to build authentic relationships that are centered around communication, boundaries and healthy choices.
  • Participants will develop tools to successfully enhance recovery and a relational family system.
  • Build bridges of communication and help participants close the gaps that have plagued their family system.

*This program is perfect for: Families, students of all ages, organization groups, parents, and juveniles.

The Color of Courage

*Diversity *Social Justice *Privilege *Multiculturalism

The Color of Courage shines light on the unique differences that often separate and tear the human race apart. It leads you on an unforgettable and often times emotional journey towards the courage within each of us that can tie us all back together again. Life can be unfair, unjust and illogical, but our courage to keep fighting for what we believe in is sometimes all we need in order to create positive and lasting change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify issues regarding self, social and cultural identity.
  • Identify pre-conditioned thoughts and assumptions regarding other cultures and ethnicities.
  • Gain courage and confidence to become participants in their own change.

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, faculty, staff, and corporate audiences.


*Motivation *Academic Success

Impossible is a truly eye-opening presentation that shows you what you’re really made of. It highlights the single greatest factor in keeping you from living out your dreams and believing in your ability to do so. Discover how to get out of your own way and fulfill your TRU potential!

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn how to let go of everything standing in the way of their TRU potential.
  • Participants will gain knowledge on the importance of persistence and breaking through adversity and challenges.
  • Participants will explore inhibitions, limitations and obstacles keeping them from achieving their goals.

* This program is perfect for: Students of all ages and corporate audiences.

A Day To Be TRU…The Real U!

*Empowerment *Motivation *Character Development *Team Building

Through a series of discussion groups and powerful life stories, A Day To Be TRU will forever be a day to remember! It takes you on an emotionally stimulating journey through intense discussions, self reflection and hands-on activities. It will force you to build unbreakable bonds with the people in your school/workplace as well as within yourself—the TRU you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Individuals will develop positive relationships with their fellow students/staff.
  • Develop key strategies in effective communication and team-building exercises.
  • Gain the courage and confidence to be TRU...The Real U!

*This program is perfect for: All grade levels, as well as staff and faculty members.

Click here if you would like information about Julia Garcia's additional college programming

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