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Karen Moreno

The women with unparalleled strength

The TRU Facts about Karen:

Bet you didn’t know that she is a single mother of two!

She’s not afraid to shake it like Shakira!

Her resilient spirit can humble you to the core.

sKaren's Workshops & Team Buildings

FLY...First Love Yourself

*Women’s Issues & Empowerment *Self-Esteem *Body Image

This powerful and inspirational program that is led by the phenomenal TRU women of Truality is designed specifically to address all issues pertaining to women and self-esteem. It is a perfect blend of self-reflection and effective empowerment strategies that focus on the most important relationship of all—the relationship we have with ourselves. Ultimately, it teaches participants to FLY...First Love Yourself!

Learning Outcomes

  • Build self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Discover ways to push beyond boundaries getting in the way of their TRU potential.
  • Learn to FLY…First Love Yourself!

*This program is perfect for: Students of all ages, and ladies all over the world!

What makes you TRU?

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